Annual Dinner Auction

Our annual dinner auction will be in the fall of 2022. Doors will open at 5pm. For your convenience, you may purchase your auction AND raffle tickets online by clicking the drop down box below and selecting what you would like to purchase. Once you click “Add to Cart” you can choose your quantity. As always, you can purchase from the school office by calling 573.339.1335.

Each ADULT dinner auction ticket can be purchased for $15.00. If you would like your child to be in the auction with you and they will be eating the auction meal, then you can purchase a CHILD’S auction ticket for $12.00. There will be childcare available for children 18 months – 3rd grade. Childcare tickets are available for $12.00 per child. The kids who are in childcare will receive a different meal.

Each raffle ticket is $5.00 or you can purchase 5 tickets for $20.00. That is why there are different amounts listed under the drop down box. For example, if you decide to purchase the raffle tickets for the MacBook Air at $20 you will receive 5 tickets. If you change your quantity to 2 of the MacBook Air at $20 then you will receive 10 tickets for a cost of $40. You do NOT need to be present the night of the auction to win.

The “Student Name” section is where you can indicate a certain student who can receive “credit” and earn incentives for your purchase. Any tickets you purchase will be placed in an envelope with your name on it and can be picked up in the school office at your convenience.

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