Students at Eagle Ridge Christian School may choose from a variety of activities to supplement their academic experiences. Extracurricular activities help students learn and grow by providing opportunities for developing leadership, initiative and cooperation, as well as putting to good use, their God-given talents and abilities. Extracurricular activities supplement and enhance the classroom curriculum by extending the learning environment beyond the classroom.

From school plays to dances, Eagle Ridge provides many opportunities for students to participate in and help lead through committees and other groups. Many students learn how to develop their leadership skills through participation as well. Our desire is to grow our students not only academically, but also spiritually and through the arts programs. We are continually expanding these opportunities as well.




Eagle Ridge Christian School students and staff celebrate each Spring with the annual Prom. Prom activities consist of fun, fine food and dancing as well as the crowning of the Prom King and Queen. Student representatives are selected from the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes by the student body of the senior high. Once the candidates are selected, the high school students take the time to vote for the king and queen. The winners are then crowned the night of the prom.

The committee for prom usually consists of students (senior class most of the time) as they gather funds and learn how to function as a team to ensure that the school prom is planned properly. Our proms are chaperoned by parents, faculty and other staff to make sure the students have a good time within the school functions and expectations.

If you are interested in being a part of the planning committee for this or any other function, please call the school office.


homecoming week

Homecoming Week

Eagle Ridge Christian School celebrates its annual Homecoming each year near the end of the varsity basketball season. Homecoming festivities include "Spirit Week", King and Queen coronation, and the Homecoming Dance. All students at Eagle Ridge participate in "Spirit Week"; five days of fun filled activities designed to increase school spirit and pride, culminating in an all school pep rally and the Homecoming basketball game.

Students in Junior and Senior high nominate and vote on the candidates for Homecoming King and Queen. The King and Queen are crowned at the Homecoming game amid a gym full of cheering fans. Alumni and their families are invited and encouraged to come and take part in the festivities. Homecoming is a big event for the school every year and is usually a big highlight of the home basketball schedule. We have events during the game such as dances, junior eagles basketball, and of course the coronation ceremony. ​


arts program

Arts Program

We offer various programs and opportunities including a music and drama program every Christmas along with art opportunities outside the classroom.

Eagles Service

eagles service

Eagles Service

We at Eagle Ridge Christian School believe that serving others is an important part of Christian life. Just as Jesus Christ came to the world “not to be served, but to serve,” we believe that we must teach our students to follow that example. Therefore, all students in grades 7-12 will participate in community service each year. Community service hour requirements will be discussed during the first Chapel of the school year.


In addition to community service, we also try to involve our school and students in community service projects in our local area.


yearbook team

Yearbook Team

The yearbook staff shall consist of students in grades nine through twelve. Students who register to be a member will be reviewed and selected by the administration. Students on the yearbook staff will be responsible for completing the class pages, layout, photography, and advertisements.

Academic Events

academic events

Academic Events

​Elementary and junior/senior high students are provided opportunities to participate in various academic competitions throughout the year. Competitions include ACSI events, SEMO Science Fair, SEMO Math Competition, local art competitions and an array of scholarship events.

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